Welcome, if you are looking for any service related to Lashes & Brows, you have come to the right place.

Whether you need Eyelash Extensions, Natural Brow Design and Restoration or one of the fastest growing procedures - Lash Lifts, you will find it all here.

EYELASH EXTENSIONS: The health of your natural lashes is number one priority. A full range of curls, lengths and diameters are available, along with advanced application techniques to ensure you get the fullest look possible without any damaging your natural lashes.

Specialising in 'natural' looking lashes, the most popular request is for lashes to be noticeable but not too over the top. These sets have become the Specialty.

Choose from Classic Sets, Russian Volume or a blend of both. If you are unsure which set is for you, thats ok, your natural lashes will be assessed during your consult, and suitability discussed before we start.

Each set is customised and applied using the damage-free isolating technique, i.e. one extension to one natural lash.

Whilst natural sets are most popular, full and glamorous sets are also available.

Eyelash Extensions enhance your eyes by adding volume and fullness to your lashline leaving you feeling beautiful and confident. They are so lightweight and non-intrusive, you will forget they are there. Eyelash Extensions will open up your eyes and instantly change the look of your face. You will also save time in the morning as mascara is no longer required and the only running you will have to worry about at the gym is on the treadmill.

With 6 years experience and extensive Advanced training, with two of the best Master Lash trainers in the world, rest assured you are in safe hands.

TRUEBROW™ SPECIALIST Your Brows can dramatically change your look. If you have always wanted beautifully shaped natural brows, this bespoke service is for you. Specialising in natural Brow Restoration and/or Design. Over-plucked, over-tweezed, bushy, unruly Brows can be transformed. This service is the natural alternative to Permanent makeup (tattoo). Create beautiful sophisticated Brows using your very own hair.

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